Cleaning your Jewellery

We all know how important it is to wash our hands at the moment but did you know it is also very important to keep our rings clean. As our members are closed at the moment it is impossible to get them professionally cleaned so here is an at-home method for cleaning your rings in the interim.

  1. Get a little bowl and put in some lukewarm water and a small amount of hand soap or washing up liquid into it. ( we suggest using a bowl as if you do it in the sink you could let something fall down the drain)
  2. Now get a little toothbrush to enable you to get in between the claws.
  3. Gently brush the pieces of jewellery.
  4. Rinse them well in a clear bowl of water or if you are using the tap make sure you have the stopper in.
  5. Dry them with a soft cloth.
  6. If you have a jewellery polishing cloth you can polish the band.

The above will help you keep your rings germ free during COVID 19 we are aware that it’s not a substitute for having your rings professionally cleaned which of course you can organise when our members reopen.

We hope all our members and customers are staying safe and staying home. For all our members and customers with connections on the front line or working on the front line Thank You and we look forward to seeing everyone again very soon.

Keep Safe