Antique Jewellery Versus Vintage Jewellery

Many times we get asked is there a difference between antique jewellery and vintage jewellery and the simple answer is “Yes”. Typically antique jewellery is over 100 years old and this is where you would count beautiful victorian pieces as antique jewellery. Vintage jewellery needs tobe only fifty years old to be deemed vintage pieces that were made in the 1960s can be deemed as vintage.


Typically antique jewellery is very detailed and involves lots of small bead pearls and beautiful coloured stones these are usually very delicate and intricate pieces of jewellery. There is often a semblance between some antique jewellery and intricate lace, where the craftsmanship is a beauty in itself.   Peridots, Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies and Amythests are all gemstones seen in abundance in Antique Jewellery. The perceptions on antique jewellery are that as it’s so delicate and dainty it is more difficult to wear, over the years a number of companies have made more durable pieces but based them on these intricate and delicate antique designs.

Vintage jewellery has the name of fitting better with modern designs and its thought that by wearing a vintage piece you are adding a”cool edge ” to your outfit. Over the last decade in particular people have had a much greater respect for these vintage designs and we have seen an increase in styles being made with a vintage feel this is especially common in current engagement ring styles.

Estate jewellery is another type that should be mentioned here and Estate jewellery is simply a piece of jewellery that had a previous owner there is no required age on the piece and so it can be any age.

No matter where your style is Vintage or antique do remember that at some stage that vintage piece will become an antique style like the beautiful modern pieces you wear today they will be vintage and antiques to further generations so treat your beautiful pieces with care as they will be an heirloom someday.