Back to Business

A number of our members have opened in the last week and a number will reopen next week. Our members really appreciate the support they have received locally during this difficult time. It is now in everyone’s interest that we trade safely and ensure a safe environment for both our staff and customers. ¬†Over the next few weeks, you will find that everything is at a slower pace in retail. People will have to queue to enter the shop, while there they will have to maintain a social distance and screens will become all too familiar. Batteries and repairs will take longer to allow for sanitization. When trying jewellery it will also have to be sanitised afterwards. We do appreciate that this is tiresome but please appreciate that this is in everyone’s interest and is a measure to keep us all safe from this vicious virus. More than ever local businesses need your support and we know our members really do appreciate your custom. Jewellery is a tactile business so because of this it is vital we take extra precautions to maintain a safe shopping environment.

Sadly a number of our customers have been affected by the virus and we are truly sorry for any sadness COVID 19 has brought to our customer’s or member’s doors.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back into our member’s shops and we want to thank you very much for continuing to support our members.

Keep safe everyone and let’s eliminate this virus.