Jewellery for your Wedding Day

When a Bride is getting married every element of what she will wear on the day is a major decision. Very often when it comes to jewellery the bride will match her dress so if she has chosen crystals she will usually opt for wearing diamonds. If she has pearls set in her dress she will opt for pearl jewellery . Regardless of which she chooses both are perfect bridal choices. 

For your wedding day our advice is not to over accessorise. Perhaps you will opt for a up style hair and add drop earrings leaving your neck bare like our model above . Maybe a simple solitaire pendant and matching earrings are what you will choose. Or a beautiful diamond necklace might be the ideal item to compliment your dress. No matter what there are no right and wrong choices it is totally down to taste.

A string of pearls may be that perfect piece for your dress, teamed perhaps with a pair of pearl stud earrings and a simple pearl bracelet. Over the years there was a tradition where Mother’s gave their daughter their string of pearls to wear on their wedding day but that doesn’t seem to be the case as much anymore as brides like something they can keep and wear forever themselves.



Brides always ask us should they wear bracelets on their wedding day and we see lots of brides wear a simple elegant pearl bracelet  or diamond tennis bracelet and it looks stunning. Very often these bracelets are a gift from the groom sent to the bride on the morning of the wedding.

Another question is should you wear a watch. Traditionally it was thought that a bride did not wear a watch on her wedding day as you don’t want to be clock watching on your wedding day. Nowadays it is up to the bride herself although most brides do opt not to  wear a watch on their wedding day there is no fast rule saying a bride shouldn’t.

A very popular trend at the moment is to wear something similar to what the bridesmaids are wearing or even if they are wearing a coloured dress  wear a gemstone piece in that colour and they wear a piece that matches the brides dress. Many brands of jewellery now have dedicated bridal ranges which cater very well for this trend.

“Something Blue” sticking  with tradition most brides like to wear something blue on their wedding day and we have found over the last number of years this has been a piece of jewellery with a blue stone. The blue stone can be light blue mid blue or dark blue but we have found aquamarine and sapphire are the most popular blue stones that brides wear.






Regardless of what the bride chooses to wear on her wedding day it should be a piece of jewellery that she absolutely loves. Our members are available to discuss your many options and they enjoy helping brides select that special wedding day piece, so please do call into your local member from the association of fine jewellers to discuss your options. Our advice would be to bring a picture of your dress with you and have an idea as to what way you will wear your hair

Happy Wedding Day