Caring for Pearls


As this is the month of the birthstone Pearl we thought it would be helpful to provide some tips on how to care for your beautiful pearls.

It is important that you wear them they benefit greatly from the natural oils in the skin.

After you have worn them and you want to clean them simply wipe them with a soft cloth and don’t use any chemicals when cleaning them.

If you are exercising or working out it is important not to wear them as perspiration can cause damage to your pearls.

Don’t submerge them in water so take them off when showering as too much water will wear the string that they are on and could cause the string to break and you to loose your pearl necklace or bracelet

When you are storing them it is important that you store them separately to avoid other pieces of jewellery scratching them, I would always advise wrapping them in a soft cloth when you are putting the into your jewellery box and if you have a special pouch that would be even better. Watch when storing pearl earrings that the post of one earring won’t scratch the pearl.

Don’t spray anything on them so always spray perfume hairspray etc before you put on your pearls and let it dry before adding your pearls. I would advise completely from spraying perfume on your neck or wrist if you are planning on wearing pearls.

Have the catches and strings checked regularly on your pearls you can have them restrung and any of our members are happy to discuss the process and cost with you.

When you are taking them off don’t be pulling them over your head and catching your hair in them , always use the catch if there is one and take them off with care.


If you need any further information on your pearls our members are available and happy to offer advice.