Happy Birthday November 


We are already into the second last month of 2017 and November is one of those months with more than one birthstone. As a November baby you have a choice between Citrine or Topaz

Citrine Birthstone

Citrine comes only in Orange and is part of the Quartz family.This gem is said to support vitality and promote health and is commonly known as the healing Quartz. .Brazil is the largest supplier of citrine. Other sources include Spain, Bolivia, France, Russia, Madagascar and the U.S. (Colorado, North Carolina and California). Different geographies yield different shades of citrine. It is thought to attract prosperity and wealth inspire creativity and promote a happy. and pleasant disposition. Its calming qualities are thought to promote harmony for the wearer.

                Topaz Birthstone

Topaz comes in ,many colours , blue, champagne, yellow, orange, red pink and is even available in colourless. It is thought to be a gem that provides balance to emotion and as such helps one to live an harmonious lifestyle. It is thought to provide confidence and replace negativity. It is also thought to assist in meditation. In ancient Egypt the yellow variety of Topaz was thought to be a representation of the Sun God Ra because of the intense fiery colour because of this the yellow version of Topaz can be found in lots of ancient artefacts. Interestingly Topaz has often been confused with quartz because of the similarities in colours. The largest producer of quality topaz is Brazil. Other sources include Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico and the U.S., mainly California, Utah and New Hampshire.




Both of November’s birthstones are fairly abundant and affordably priced, even in large sizes, which means everyone can find a way to fit topaz and citrine into their budget. If you would like to purchase a Citrine or Topaz , talk to your local member from the association of fine jewellers who will be happy to show you their collection.