Clean your jewellery this May

It is a great time to have your jewellery cleaned. When it comes to cleaning your jewellery although you can clean it at home yourself we do recommend you have your precious pieces cleaned by a qualified jeweller. Not only have they the correct equipment they also know how different gemstones and pieces should be treated.

When it comes to cleaning metals we always recommend that a soft polishing cloth is used as you do not want to scratch the metal. For diamond rings over time they will get clogged with hand cream and soap. While you can clean them yourself with a soft brush and a jewellery cleaning product we do recommend for a perfect cleaning you take them to your local member where they can use a sonic machine to clean them and they will look like new. The jeweller can also erase the scrapes on the bands. With stones such as emeralds it is very important that you do not use a sonic machine on them as it will destroy the stone. When it comes to pearls again you have to take extra care when cleaning them. Because cleaning stones in an incorrect method can destroy the stone we highly recommend you bring your piece to the jeweller to have it cleaned and to get their advice on cleaning your jewellery.


A number of our members do sell over the counter ” jewellery cleaning products” and these are very good for using at home. We would recommend that you use them at home every month but do ensure you read and follow the instructions carefully and always ensure you rinse the product off the piece well to prevent a residue build up. By using them once a month you will keep your rings looking well but then once a year have them cleaned professionally.  When the jeweller is cleaning them they will also check the claws and advice you on any repairs that maybe necessary.

Our members will be happy to advise you on all the products available for cleaning your pieces and what it the method most suitable for cleaning your precious pieces so call into your local jeweller to discuss your pieces with them. You will find the list of all our members here