Diamond Ring Styles

2020 may not be starting out as most of us have planned however a number of people have still chosen to get engaged. Many of our members have been contacted through their website or social media as people have realised life is short and are proposing to their loved one during the lockdown. It will definitely be a story for the grandchildren Also many have special birthdays this year that they don’t want to go unmarked. We thought it would be nice to showcase some popular styles and their meanings.



Solitaire is one single stone. This can be in many shapes the most popular of which is the round brilliant. However, you can have an emerald cut, pear shape, marquise, cushion diamonds all set in a solitaire style.






A halo style is where the centre stone has a halo of small diamonds around it. I have heard people say that the halo of small diamonds is protection for the centre stone which represents the couples love. Again the centre stone can be any of the above shapes but the most popular are round, marquise, pear, cushion and oval.  Often the centre stone can be a coloured stone such as morganite, ruby or sapphire.







A three-stone diamond ring has three stones. These can be the same size or can have a larger centre stone. Round brilliant stones lead themselves very well to this style. There are two thoughts on what a three-stone ring stands for.

1, Each stone stands for past, present and future of the couple.

2. That the stones symbolise the bride, and the groom separately and the third stone                                                                                             represents their future together.


Whichever sentiment you prefer is totally up to you but the combining of two loves is what makes this style a very popular choice through the ages.





A very popular choice for engagement and special occasion rings at the moment is to have a different colour centre stone. This can be a coloured diamond or it can be another stone such as ruby,  emerald, sapphire or morganite

Morganite a relatively new stone is very popular amongst brides to be and a number opt for a halo setting, combining two styles

No matter what style you wish to choose even if your local member is closed please do reach out to them through their social media or website as they will be happy to help you select the perfect ring for that lockdown proposal.