Did you know the birthstone for April is Diamond . Colourless diamonds are valued and graded by the 4cs .The 4cs are cut ,clarity, colour and carat. Cut is the shape of the diamond , Clarity is how free it is from inclusions which arenatural marks that can hamper the way the stone disperses the light. Colour is how near it is to white when measuringcolourless diamonds. Carat is the size or weight of the diamond.

When referring to colour on the grading chart we are talking about white diamonds, but did you also know that        diamonds can be coloured and coloured diamonds are also rare. We also have black diamonds. So there are three types  colourless , coloured and black diamonds. 

Colourless Diamonds:
These are the ones that most people are familiar with also known commonly as white diamonds. These are diamonds that the grading scale is applied to. The nearest they are to white or colourless with the least inclusions are the rarest.

So how do coloured diamonds get their colour?
Diamonds occur in a variety of colours—steel grey, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown andblack. 
Colored diamonds contain interstitial impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration.
The most rarest colour for a diamond in coloured diamonds is Red.

Did you know we also have Black Diamonds:
Traditionally viewed as worthless and not held in high regard. It was only in 20th century when goldsmiths started using them.
Does anyone remember seeing a a lady receive a a black diamond Engagement ring from their love in a movie .....yes that's right in Sex and the city Carrie got a 
black diamond from Big ....



So how do black Diamonds get their colour:
Most naturally coloured black diamonds get their colour from large quantities or clouds of minute mineral inclusions such as graphite,  pyrite or hematite that extend throughout the stone

Looking at all the above choices of diamonds , this is a stone that caters for all tastes and you can see why they   are worthy of the title " A girl's best friend"
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