Engagement Ring Trends 2020

Did you get engaged at the end of last year or are planning an engagement in 2020. Are you wondering what are the top trends for 2020. As usual engagement, rings can follow a traditional style but every year or even every decade there is a particular trend towards particular styles. The top three trends for 2020 are a narrow band, alternative gemstones and finally side to side settings.


A narrow band:

This can be a plain band or it can be stone set but traditionally engagement rings have had a wider band. For the last number of years, there has been a trend towards this style and it continues this year. It is very common in the halo style engagement ring although we have seen it being used a lot in the more traditional solitaire style of late.

Alternative Gemstones:

One of the most popular engagement ring stones of the last few years is Morganite and this gemstone is here for the long haul.

Other popular stones are ruby, sapphire and emerald. Gone is the idea of a diamond having to be the main stone in your engagement ring. Although coloured diamonds are also gaining in popularity as an engagement ring trend.

Stone set width ways:

Traditional the “fancy ” cut stones such as the oval , pear, emerald or marquise would have been set on the length of the finger. In other words, it would be set like the morganite picture above. However a newer trend is to set the stone on the width, basically, the stone would go east to west as opposed to north/south. Some stones work very well set from side to side and if you look at the image below of the “fancy” cut diamonds you can see which ones will work well being set east to west.

No matter which style engagement ring you would like. Whether you would like to follow the trends of the year you got engaged or have a more traditional style your local member from the association is on hand to help you choose that perfect ring. Please do feel free to contact your local member from the association to make an appointment to see their full collection and have them guide you through the process with the help of their experience and expertise.