January the perfect time to check your jewellery

January is a great time to go through your jewellery box and see what pieces need repairing. Do you have chains that you have broken a link in them. Rings that have been bent out of shape or need resizing or Earring Rings that need   backs. Perhaps you have watches that need cleaning or batteries fitted maybe even they need a strap or a repair to   the bracelet. Have you a set of pearls that need to be restrung. All of these are repairs that our jewellers are very familiar with and can advise you on the best option for you. Most of our members are happy to have your repair sent to their goldsmith to get an estimate for the repair prior to you committing to having the work done.

Re-modelling service:
Perhaps you have pieces of jewellery that need modernisation or you would like to make a neckpiece or earrings from aring. If this is the case you can talk to your jeweller about the different remodelling options available to you.

We would also highly recommend that on a regular basis you have your diamond rings checked, overtime the claws will  wear on your rings and to prevent loosing one of your valuable gemstones it is important to have a jeweller check theclaws on all your rings regularly.

No matter what your jewellery repair your local member from the association is available for you to discuss it with  them and will be happy to advise you on all elements and answer any of your questions. So feel free to call into them with your repairs. You will find your local member on our website.