Jewellery Trends 2018

2018 sees a lot of different earring trends from mismatched earrings to single earrings and finally a reintroduction of the hoop earring. Not that the “hoop” earring had ever really gone very far as they are a favourite among many. Lots of people love the fact that many don’t have a back to them and they find them easier to wear. Whether its a stone set of a plain hoop earring you choose we can guarantee you will be on trend this year wearing “The Hoop Earring ”


Its interesting that both chunky gold chains and skinny chains can both be a trend at the same time but that is how it goes in fashion. The Chunky Gold Chain looks well worn alone however the skinny chains lends itself  to the “layering” trend which as we mentioned is not going anywhere for the moment. So which you will opt for will no doubt depend on what your clothing choice is . Layering tends to have a more casual look but a single necklace tends to be  more for a  glamorous or dress occasion.


With regards to rings we are finding that coloured gemstones are back on trend this may be because of the resurgence of gold colour jewellery and many believe that coloured gemstones lend themselves well to being set in a gold mount. Tanzanite ( the blue coloured stone pictured below ) and Morganite ( the blush coloured stone pictured below.) are two relatively new gemstones that are appearing more and more and many brides seem to be are selecting these stones as their engagement ring

Although we have highlighted the trends in jewellery over the last two blogposts this is just an indication as to what is in fashion at the moment. As we all know jewellery is timeless and it is always a matter of taste. So no matter what piece you have on your wish list for 2018 you should get it as there is no nicer feeling than wearing a piece of jewellery that you just love. Your local member from the association of fine jewellers is available to help you select that perfect piece.