All accessories have fashion trends be it bags shoes or even jewellery.

One of the very strong jewellery trends at present is Layering or Stacking your jewellery

What is layering or stacking your jewellery ?…It is the idea of wearing more than one necklace usually of different lengths all at the same time or wearing many rings on the same finger.

 As with any trend it is important to hit the right balance and do it right you don’t want to look like you are wearing your entire jewellery collection all at once.

Some Tips for Layering:


  •  Go for different lengths of chains
  •  Usually try and use fine necklaces not chunky pieces
  •  It is possible to mix the different colours of metals

 Rings and Bracelets:

  •  Select thin and narrow bands
  •  Try to stick with pieces that are plain and simple that will compliment each other.
  •  Don’t do it on every finger

So if you want to wear this trend but are. unsure how to go about it, call into any of our Association of Fine jewellers members and their experienced staff will be able to help you hit that trend. Check out our list of members on