Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is March 31st and your local member from the Association of Fine Jewellers has lots of perfect gifts for your Mum. We have compiled a collection of suggestions to give you some ideas.


First up lets look at a locket, always a beautiful gift for your Mum, available in Gold and Silver, plain or patterned you decide. You can even get your jeweller to help you put in the correct sized picture of the entire family.


Engraveables are pieces of jewellery that can be engraved. The can be something like a disc pendant or a bar bracelet. Available in Gold or Silver you could put “MUM” on one side and the initials of her children on the other side. Another option is to put a small message for your Mum


Next up are pearls so while you could opt for a nice string of pearls you could also opt for a nice pair of pearl earrings along the lines of the new hoop trend. You will see pearls available across many brands and styles for 2019 as pearls remain a very popular choice for all age groups.


Rings make a beautiful choice for a Mother’s Day gift how about a nice birthstone dress ring or even a coloured stone ring in her favourite colour. As claddagh rings are back as a top trend for 2019 and have been seen on many a Hollywood star wearing one this might make a lovely gift this year for your Mum.

Coloured Gold

Three Coloured Jewellery is still very popular so whether your Mum loves white gold , yellow gold or rose gold there will be a piece to suit. Combinations of the colours are also very popular so maybe you will get rose gold  and white gold , yellow and white gold. Again in these colour combinations you have a choice of rings , earrings , bracelets and chains.

No matter what jewellery piece you would like to give your Mum for Mother’s Day call into your local member from the Association of Fine Jewellers as their trained staff will be able to help you select that perfect gift.

We would like to wish all amazing Mums a very “Happy Mother’s Day”