Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a lovely day dedicated to giving thanks to your Mum and showing her how much you love her. Over the years you have probably made things in school for her picked her flowers or given her some beautiful gifts like jewellery. We have some ¬†jewellery ideas here as to what you can get your Mum this Mother’s Day.



Pearls are a popular choice for all ages. We have recently seen Kamala Harris wearing pearls Audrey Hepburn and Coco Channel were also rarely seen without a beautiful string of pearls. Considered the queen of the gems. They never date and gan be worn as a string of pearls , perhaps a single pearl pendant or even a beautiful pair of pearl earrings.


We love the option of a Mother’s or Mothering Ring as. Mother’s Day gift. This is a ring specially made to incorporate the birthstones of the children and husband . It is a truly sentimental piece of jewellery. If you are opting for this please do contact your local jeweller to allow them time to have it made up. Alternatively you could opt for a ring with her birthstone. Or perhaps a nice signet ring with her children initials engraved on it.


From stone set pieces to plain gold lockets discs and emblems , you have lots to choose from when choosing a pendant. Perhaps your Mum loves butterflies maybe she loves stars or perhaps a love heart is something you know she would love. No matter which you choose you can select from Silver or Gold for your Mum from a wide selection of styles.

Gift Vouchers:

If you are unsure what to get your Mum this year you could always get her a voucher from your local member from the Association of Fine Jewellers and let her pick exactly what she would like herself.


No matter what you would like to get your Mum , your local member from the Association is available to help you select that perfect gift so do get in touch with them.