Paternity Leave – It’s finally here!

September 2016 saw the introduction of Paternity Leave in Ireland.

The legislation was widely welcomed, as in comparison to our European neighbours, we have been lagging miserably behind, with 20 of our neighbouring States already offering paid paternity leave.

Key facts of the legislation include:

  • Fathers / partners are entitled to two weeks paid paternity leave to be taken in a continuous block.
  • The leave may be taken within 26 weeks of the child’s birth / placement for adoption.
  • All employees regardless of hours worked or length of service are entitled to the leave.
  • Paternity pay is paid at the same rate as statutory maternity pay, currently set at €230 per week.
  • Employees wishing to take paternity leave must give 4 weeks written notice.
  • Employers may request written medical confirmation on the baby’s due date.
  • The employee should present employers with a PB2 form to sign.
  • Annual leave and bank holidays will accrue during paternity leave.

What employers need to do

  • Introduce a new paternity leave policy. A good policy will include details on how an employee should request paternity leave and details of payments during paternity leave. A clear policy will ensure both management and employees know the entitlements and how paternity leave should be managed.

An up-to-date paternity leave policy is now available on Bright Contracts.