Personalised Jewellery

As Christmas 2019 draws nearer we are all starting to look at Christmas ideas for our loved ones. One of the top trends for 2019 is to personalise the piece of jewellery that we gift. People love their own signature on a piece of jewellery and love to feel it is individual to them. We have many options across jewellery to do this and below we have highlighted a few ideas as to how this can be done:

Initial Pendants or Name Pendants:

A beautiful silver or gold piece in the initial of that friend or family member can be a great way to give an individual piece. Another option is to have their name made in a piece of jewellery.



Mother’s or Mums’s rings


Lots of our members have the option where you can have a ring made with each birthstone of her children. These can make a beautiful coloured piece of jewellery for your Mum. Also available as pendants.

The above pieces would need to be ordered specially and this may take time so it is wise to talk to your jeweller now if you are planning one of the above personalise piece. If you have however decided to leave it till nearer Christmas all is not lost as you can opt for


Signet Rings:

I am sure you all remember the beautiful signet ring that can be adorned with the family crest or the person’s initials. This would be suitable as a gift for her or for him. They are available in Gold or Silver.

Identity Bracelet or a Gold/ Siver Disc

An Identity bracelet where the name can be engraved on it available in gold or silver from most of our members. This can be an option for a male or female loved one
A beautiful disc with the person’s initial can also be purchased at you jeweller and the will make a lovely personalised piece. Again this is suitable for a man or woman and available in gold or silver.


A Gold or Silver Locket

Finally, another beautiful piece is a locket with can
hold a photo of those she holds dear.


All of these options are available at your local member from the Association of Fine Jewellers and they are happy to help you select the perfect individual piece for your loved one.