Planning a Leap Year Proposal


Did you know that it’s a Leap Year this year we have a February 29th. Legend has it that St Brigid whose feast day is February 1st and with whom the St Brigids Cross is associated with asked St Patrick¬†to grant permission for women to propose marriage after hearing complaints from single women whose suitors were too shy to propose.

It is believed that initially, he granted permission but this could only happen every seven years, she asked him to reconsider so he permitted proposals on a leap day. Apparently she dropped to her knee and proposed but he did not accept and gave her a silk gown instead. This has been questioned as she would have been about 10 when he died but it’s a good story.

If you are planning a proposal this leap year you can choose a promise ring and present this to your future husband or of course wife. Although a fairly new idea a promise ring is a ring that the person wears showing that they are promised to you. So people like to opt for a plain band as a promise ring while others thing a stone set ring is required. Even though the lady has proposed she doesn’t have to miss out on an engagement ring as traditionally the person proposed too still likes to return the promise with an engagement ring.

Whether it’s a promise or an engagement ring you are looking for this February 29th your member from the Association of Fine Jewellers has lots for you to choose from.