Promise Rings 

Traditionally a  promise ring signifies a promise to take the relationship seriously. It also symbolises hope for the relationship’s future development. It does not promise marriage, however, like engagement rings do. In bygone days it would be a way of saying that the couple were going steady, how many of you remember your Grandma using that term.

We have found with Covid 19 because a number of people had planned to get engaged in 2020 or planned to propose their plans have been disrupted. To still show the person how much they mean to them Promise rings are being used much more as a pre engagement ring. The idea being that the promise ring is a temporary thing and that as soon as it’s safe to celebrate an engagement  properly that the couple plan shopping for that special ring and announcing their engagement to the world.

Unlike an engagement ring  a promise ring is normally an inexpensive ring that is made with a synthetic diamond such as cubic zirconia as its intention is not to replace the lustre of nor the longevity of a diamond or precious gemstone.

Our members have many options for promise rings and are on hand even though their doors maybe closed to discuss your option. You can contact them through their social media platforms , by mail or even leave a message on their phone. Just because Covid is putting a hold on things for people at this time people can still make plans and love doesn’t have to be put on hold.