Questions that can’t be asked at a Job Interview

It’s no secret that hiring is one of the biggest challenges of managing and growing a productive

At interviews hiring managers want to obtain important information, but also build a friendly
rapport with the candidate so as to portray a positive image of the business as somewhere they
would like to work. However, interviewers need to be cautious as some questions can be just a
little too friendly. Over stepping the mark could leave you guilty of discrimination and your
company potentially facing an expensive claim.

Employment and equality legislation doesn’t just start once you hire someone, it’s applicable the
moment you post a job advert. Those with responsibility for hiring need to be aware of this and
avoid precarious comments and questions.

As a general rule of thumb avoid questions that are related to age, marital and family status,
gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, race, membership of the travelling
community, or any physical attributes of the candidate.

Do’s and Don’ts
OK: What days can you work? What hours can you work?
Not OK: How many children do you have? Do you have a babysitter available if we need you on
a weekend? Do the working hours fit with your childcare?

OK: Do you have any responsibilities that would interfere with traveling for us?
Not OK: Do you have a baby or small child at home?

OK: Are you legally eligible to work here?
Not OK: What country are you from?

OK: This job requires someone who speaks more than one language. What languages do you
speak or write fluently?
Not OK: What is your native language?

OK: Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Not OK: Have you ever been arrested? Do you take illegal drugs?