A guide to uncovering your birthrigh

Everybody has a birthstone – an endowment from Mother Nature in the shape of a precious gem which is given on the month in which you were born…
As a gift, there can be nothing more fitting than a piece of Irish made jewellery featuring a birthstone. From simple earrings or a ring to an elaborate necklace, the gift of a birthstone states simply but unmistakably that you have put thought into this gift…

January Usually dark red in colour, Garnets actually sweep across all colours except blue. In the 18th and 19th century they became the very height of fashion and can be seen in many new and antique pieces today. Also given on the 12th Wedding Anniversary. July In various shades of red, rubies have always enchanted people. Difficult to locate and mine, rubies are one of the most valued gems commanding high prices. Also given on the 40th Wedding Anniversary.
February Amethyst is a stone of violet or purple colour and is said to bring luck. In addition to appearing in delicate jewellery, it was also used to make seal rings. The finest specimens come from India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Also given on the 17th Wedding Anniversary. August Peridot is an unusual gem, in shades of yellow, green and brown. It was first brought to the West from the Middle East by the returning Crusaders and it was used here for ecclesiastical purposes.
March Aquamarine has become very popular in jewellery making. Pale blue in colour, it was originally a talisman for sailors and is found in Brazil, Siberia, Burma, and parts of the United States. Also given on the 19th Wedding Anniversary September Although it appears in many different colours, the most abundant colour of sapphire is blue. Similar in structure to rubies, larger sapphires are rare and most sought after. Also given on the 15th Wedding Anniversary.
April The hardest substance known to man – and the most treasured of all gemstones, diamonds make wonderful gifts at any stage of life. The most important characteristics of a diamond are the ‘four c’s’: The colour, clarity, cut & carat. Also given on the 10th and 60th Wedding Anniversary. October In the Orient, these rare, white, grey, blue, green and orange gems are given as a token of loyalty and hope. As a result they are much sought after. One of the opal’s chief characteristics is its fire. Also given on the 6th Wedding Anniversary.
May One of the rarest of all precious gems, in ancient times emeralds were treasured for their beauty and for their power of healing. Flawless specimens of good colour and size are exceedingly rare and command higher prices than diamonds. Also given on the 20th Wedding Anniversary. November Topaz is highly valued as a gem and may be colourless, yellow, green, blue or red. The best stones come from Sri Lanka and parts of India, Russia and Brazil. The most popular coloured topaz is a rich orange-yellow.
June The most precious of all organic gemstones, pearls are made by molluscs when a fine grain of sand becomes trapped within the oyster shell. Always fashionable, natural pearls are rarer than ‘cultured’ ones and the most prized aspects of this pearl are its lustre and colour. Also given on the 5th and 30th Wedding Anniversaries. December Turquoise has been valued for its ornamental properties since ancient times and has been found in jewellery recovered from old Egyptian tombs. The Aztecs of Mexico used turquoise for their fine mosaic art and it is as valued today as it was then.Locate a Jeweller