Fine jewellery Information

The Association of Fine Jewellers works to assist our members in educating their employees and their customers.

One of the ways we do this is to provide in-store education materials that our members can use with their customers to provide basic information on jewellery products.

What You Should Know About Fine jewellery

The Association of Fine Jewellers has prepared information to assist consumers in making an informed purchase of fine jewellery. This information will introduce consumers to terminology, concepts, and history; provide helpful shopping tips; and answer frequently asked questions.
Bargains / Discounts
Jewellery is the gift of lasting beauty, but if you are susceptible to the mail-order and discount promotions, TV commercials, street peddlers, and even some friend offering glittery bargains that sound tempting, your enjoyment and the jewellery may tarnish sooner than you expected. Here are some typical promotions that should make you wary:

40% Off … 60% Off…

The public is being bombarded by all kinds of outlets – even well-known merchants – offering jewellery and related items through ads and promotions claiming so-called discounts that are so exaggerated, you should question whether they are true discounts:

  • Was the merchandise ever sold at the regular price?
  • For how long?
  • Was the “retail, “former” or “reference” price purposely inflated and then lowered to lure you into thinking you’re saving money?

There is nothing wrong with legitimate discounts, but deceptive pricing offers you no bargain. To avoid being ripped off, shop around. Compare quality and service as well as price, and ask questions!

Always Look for the Hallmark

When buying jewellery, always look for a hallmark with the manufacturer’s trademark. Make sure the mark appears on a part of the chain beside the clasp.

Genuine & Counterfeit Watches for Low €’s Be wary of promotions for genuine brand-name or counterfeit watches for as low as €10, or familiar brands that normally sell for €2,000 to €5,000 offered at unbelievable prices as low as €50. These watches are not genuine, carry no manufacturer’s warranty, and have very little value. Usually, certain brand names are stamped on the dials of the counterfeits by promoters. To avoid this scam:

  • Be wary of extremely low-priced items.
  • Look for correct spelling of brand-names.
  • Ask for a warranty.
  • Check with your local jeweller.

Summing Up

Compare quality and service, and ask questions! An Association of Fine Jewellers member is a professional jeweller whose reputation is based on his integrity and service in the community and is someone who will be around after you’ve made your purchase. He is available to answer your questions about real jewellery and can offer you a selection of the newest styles in all price ranges. Association of Fine Jewellers members have signed and abide by a Code of Ethics, so you can buy with confidence from your Association of Fine Jewellers member jeweller. Look for the Association of Fine Jewellers logo on the door.