Some Summer styling Tips

As the Summer approaches and after a difficult few months in lockdown , now is the time to look forward to a positive time with bright days and evenings.  Let’s look at some beautiful ways to update your jewellery looks and have you all set for Summer .

Bangles/ Bracelets:

As its likely your arms especially your wrists will be on show , its lovely to layer your wrists with   bracelets and bangles.

We hope you are not wearing a jumper so these pieces can be on show and not catch in your clothing .

We love this look as it provides great colour to your outfit.


When it comes to necklaces , layering is another great look. Picture a simple white t with many lengths of chains sitting on it or a crisp white shirt with a collection of fine pieces adorning the neck.

Your local member has lots of chains for you to choose from . Choose from gold or silver , you can even mix the metal colours. Opt for plain or stone set  pieces to create your unique look.


Rings also look great on in the Summer , with nicely manicured bright nails it gives a great look to any outfit.

However one word of warning please remove your jewellery especially your rings when applying sunscreen.

Again you can decide on one ring per finger or a selection of rings on each finger the decision is completely up to you but your local member from the Association is available to help you select that perfect look.


A favourite all year round but they look especially good in summer , a simple strand of pearls or pearl earrings are always an on summer trend, What do you like to opt for when you wear pearls.

Earrings :

Finally , we could not forget Earrings , think of those large hoops with that messy bun or beach curls.  A simple drop earring and an elegant bun or a number of earring piercings with your hair tied up so they are on full view. No matter what you choose your earrings can really add to your summer look.

We hope this is an insight on how to update your jewellery look for Summer but if you would like some further assistance please do hesitate to contact your local member from the association of fine jewellers who will be more than happy to guide you.

Happy Summer