While a relatively new word in many industries we have found in the jewellery trade that it has been a very important word in jewellery and continues to be so. Looking at wedding and engagement rings these items are purchased with a view of lasting decades some even with a view of lasting centuries. Many famous and not some famous couples are known for wearing a family heirloom as their wedding or engagement ring.

How many times have we seen the man propose with his Mum or Granny’s ring? Even Prince William proposed with Diana’s engagement ring


Many industries have been the victim of throwaway fashion and while there is an element of that in the jewellery trade we are really happy that the jewellery trade has predominantly stuck with precious metals that will last a lifetime. There are several metals available now from golds or different carats to platinum and palladium. These metals can be adorned with an array of precious stones in all colours.

Our members offer repair services on rings that need to be repaired, be it that the stone has come loose, that the claws have worn over the years or perhaps even a persons finger size has changed and they simply need to have the ring sized up or down.

Many of our members offer a remodelling service, ¬†using the stones and perhaps some of the metal the style can be changed to something more in line with today’s styles. Sometimes people find that they wish to change the stone colour or perhaps if its a three-stone diamond ring the diamonds could be used to make a pendant for each child.

As jewellers, we have a huge appreciation of the workmanship of pieces and a love of precious metals and stones we enjoy watching people embrace and love these pieces and plan on treasuring them for a lifetime.

If you would like to view the many collections of sustainable pieces available from our members please do visit them, or if you have a piece that you would like to remodel check with your local member the options available to you.