Valentine’s Day

While there is a lot of confusion as to who the true St Valentine was with some believing that his relics are in Whitefriars Church in Dublin, whatever your belief it is known that it is a day of Love. A day to show your loved ones that you love them. Traditionally people would have gotten engaged on Valentine’s Day or bought  jewellery, sweets or flowers for their boyfriend or girlfriend. We have found over the last few years that some people choose it as as day to do something nice or send a small gift to someone they really love, this could even be a parent or a good friend.

Here are some ideas for gifts this Valentine’s Day



A popular day for getting engaged some choose to propose with a ring others choose not to have the ring and ask the question then enjoy a few weeks selecting that perfect ring

Are you planning a proposal this Valentine’s Day. As shops sadly remain closed you can contact your local member and they can send you private images of their stock. If they have a website you can check them out online. Or you can propose with a promise ring and plan that engagement ring shopping trip for a day when retailers re open.




Jewellery Gifts:

Personalised pieces are a very popular choice for Valentine’s such as a disc with a message or a signet ring with initials, or even a locket with both your pictures or close family members pictures.

The Claddagh Ring has always been a popular Valentine’s gift with the wearer wearing it with the heart turned inwards to show that their heart is taken.

A number of the branded lines that many of the members carry often have a limited edition piece especially released for Valentine’s this could be a pendant that is heart shaped a bracelet with a charm star or even earrings. Currently many of our members will be promoting these new lines or limited edition pieces on their social media platforms so do log on and have a look.



Another option is a nice timepiece , something that they can wear everyday for the rest of their life or perhaps you would choose a dress watch that they can wear on special occasions .

You may even choose a smart watch to help them get more organised and also reach their 2021 fitness goals. Sports watches are also a popular choice especially for that person in your life who has taken up a new sport in the last year.


Eternity Ring 

Traditionally given after the birth of the first baby they are a gift to say you will be together for eternity.

Over the years while this is still a tradition very often people give them now as an anniversary present or even a Valentines gift.

They are available in diamond or coloured stones such as Emerald ,Sapphire and Ruby . The idea is they sit beautifully beside your engagement and wedding rings.








Gift Vouchers:

With members being closed at the moment due to Covid restrictions a great idea is to purchase a gift voucher which can be redeemed by your loved one when the shops reopen or some of our members have websites so they can be redeemed online. Check with your local member for their options.


Sadly our members may still be closed and Click and Collect is not currently allowed, however our members depend on local business and are available to help you choose that  perfect gift. No matter what you would like to get your loved one this Valentine’s please do contact your local member from the Association and let them help you.