Watch Trends 2018

This year sees many trends in watches so no matter what you like you will find something . From Smart Watches , sport watches , dress watches to everyday watches.

Smart Watches: The dictionary definition is ” a mobile device with a touchscreen display, designed to be worn on the wrist. The main benefit of a smartwatch is that it keeps you constantly updated without you having to whip out your smartphone”. These watches not only keep you connected but they can be your diary and also your workout tracker. Many of the brands our members stock have a “smart watch ” in their collection .

Sports Watches: We are all familiar with the “sports watch” this watch tends to be a digital style watch and has numerous functions to help you track your fitness and your workout levels. So whether you like to run , walk, cycle or swim you will find a sports watch for you. Another type of sports watch is a Chronograph and you will recognise this watch as a more stylish style watch but it has a number of dials to allow you to have a measurement in seconds minutes and hours.


Dress Watches: These are as their name indicates for Dress Wear and are not a watch that should be worn everyday. They are usually a bracelet watch and usually more ornate than something you would wear everyday . As with any of your dresswear you should wear these with care. There are many choices of finish from yellow gold colour to rose gold colour to silver colour dress watches. Often you will see the face set with diamonds.




Everyday Watches Last but by no means least is the watch that can be worn everyday while any of the afore mentioned can be worn everyday somepeople like to wear a watch that is simply functional yet looks well at work. Luckily over the years watch companies have recognised this need and now these watches are available with different colour watch straps from yellow to pink to navy , no longer is it just a brown or a black strap that is available. Not only are the straps more colourful so too are the dials so you will find white dials, cream dials, blush dials and even black and navy dials.


As the trends in watches have moved to an all new level over the last number of years it is great to now offer our customers such a variety and watches are a very popular gift. If you would like to see the trends yourself do call into your local member from the association of fine jewellers as a number of them carry both watches and jewellery.