Planning a trip abroad this summer and wondering what jewellery to bring let us give you some advice.

We all know that jewellery and suncream don’t make the perfect match especially pearls so I would leave the pearls at home safely stored away.

You don’t want the worry of minding your jewellery while you are away so I would refrain from bringing several pieces with you , you really don”t want to loose them. Lets look at each category

Earrings: as earrings are small and won’t be affected by tan marks we would suggest a plain pair for by the beach while sunbathing preferable something durable that won’t react too badly to seawater and pool water ideally you should wear none during the day but we do know that most people who wear earrings hate wearing none. For night time we would suggest something that work well even if your hair is tied up as the weather will be warm its likely you will wear your hair up at night to keep cool and also because maybe your hair doesn’t do great when its humid like most Irish people

Bracelets: Keep these to a minimum you really don’t want to be wearing them by the pool and getting tan lines so maybe one or two for a layered look at night but keep them for night time.

Necklaces: Again who wants tan lines so for  sunbathing keep them in the safety deposit box in the room and only bring one nice one for nighttime

Rings: Ensure if you are bringing your engagement ring and wedding ring that you have it insured for all risks and leave it on. We know it means that suncream will get in the claws but when you return you can have them professionally cleaned. For dress rings again keep them to the minimum and for night time wear only.

Watches: For holidays invest in a waterproof watch that you can wear swimming and showering.Leave your non waterproof one at home stored safely. Luckily nowadays brands are aware that people like their waterproof watches to be elegant so it is possible to get ones that are durable and elegant.

Our advise is that whatever you bring don’t give yourself a worry of something else to mind while you are away. When I travel I always ensure that I can wear what I am bringing with the exception of a pair of earrings then it means I don’t have lots of jewellery to take care of. Always ensure that what you are wearing travelling is easy to take off and put back on so maybe bangles rather than bracelets or a chain that goes over your head as sometimes at airport security you will be asked to remove your jewellery before going through the scanner.


No matter what you decide to bring and what you leave at home always ensure that you have the correct insurance and that anything you leave at home is stored securely. Likewise when ion holidays store the jewellery you are not wearing during the day in the safety deposit box..


Now off you go and have fun …. happy holidays…