Are you planning on saying “I do” soon and you have picked the dress the shoes and  the bridesmaids dresses. You have decided on the way you will wear your hair and how your makeup will look. The only thing you have left to choose is the jewellery you will wear on your special day. As with everything else you have  a wide array of choices. A lot of the time what jewellery you will wear will depend on the style of dress and what way you are wearing your hair. If you are wearing your hair up you may like to wear  drop earrings however you may also opt for a small stud earring. If you have a high neckline its unlikely you will wear a necklace however if you have a low cut neckline you might opt for a necklace. Sometimes a bride loves to wear a bracelet but very often they choose to wear no rings until after the ceremony. Like with all things there are no set rules and it is all down to the choice of the bride.

You can choose across the many metals and you can opt for many different gemstones. Traditionally diamond and pearl jewellery was a jewellery go to for brides and of late brides have opted for coloured stones  We have decided to highlight some of the choices and trends for bridal jewellery for 2018.


Be it a string of pearls or a simple pearl pendant, pearls have always been a bridal choice.As very often the wedding dress is adorned with pearls some brides like to wear pearls to bring out the pearls in the dress.  So be it a pearl pendant necklace or pearl earrings they can add a beautiful lustre to your wedding dress .



As the saying goes diamonds are a girl’s best friend and again on their wedding day brides love to wear diamonds. Many wedding dresses are trimmed with diamonds and again a diamond pendant, earrings or necklace can look beautiful on a wedding day. While some brides love to wear a single solitaire others will choose a more detailed piece. Another tradition is for the groom to gift the bride with a piece of jewellery which she wears on her wedding day. This piece becomes a family heirloom which in turn can be passed down to the next generation.


Coloured Gemstones:

Coloured gemstone jewellery  is a growing trend amongst brides to wear on their wedding day , with many brides even choosing to wear a pendant or earrings that will match the bridesmaid dresses. 2018 as with 2017 sees an emergence of newer gemstones such as morganite and tanzanite however traditional gemstones such as sapphire and rubies still remain very popular.





Will you wear a watch on your wedding day , many brides choose not to wear a watch on their wedding day however some feel they like to know what time it is and avoid being late. One of the top trends for 2018 is a delicate bracelet watch.




No matter what jewellery choice you wish to make for your wedding day , your local member from the association of fine jewellers is available to help you make that perfect decision.

We would like to wish all our brides and grooms a very happy wedding day.